Spokane Police Officers and Support Staff Release Important Morale Study Report to Address Low Morale in the Department.

June 28, 2022

Holt Widhalm, president of the Spokane Fraternal Order of Police, offered the following statement today in response to a report detailing morale in the Spokane Police Department.

“Today’s report is the culmination of a detailed, three-month effort to directly address the concerns of both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Spokane Police Department. I want to acknowledge Chief Meidl for his leadership and participation in this report. It is a concerning but important document that should provide a launching point for city leaders seeking to address these challenges head on.

The four core issues identified in this report – lack of leadership, inadequate staffing, not valuing employees, and department culture – are fundamental concerns that must be addressed for this department and this city to move forward.

The Spokane FOP hopes this document can provide a starting point for the difficult but necessary – and long-overdue — conversations necessary to solve the recruitment, training, morale, and retention challenges faced by our department. We owe it to the employees of the Spokane Police Department to deploy a fully staffed patrol division.

As peace officers, we strive to see these recommendations implemented and work with the stakeholders involved to provide the best law enforcement services possible with the resources provided.”

The entire report can be found below.

View Report Here

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