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KENNEWICK —Oct. 5, 2022 — Marco Monteblanco, president of the Washington Fraternal Order of Police (WAFOP), issued the following statement in response to public comments criticizing the work of law enforcement and police reform efforts. “The Washington Fraternal Order of Police is the largest and most diverse law enforcement organization in our state representing approximately 3,400 peace officers of every rank, from cadet to management. Every day, our members put on their uniform with ...

Help Save Baby Ty's LIFE
In June of 2020, Officer (Parrish) Kamu Brito joined the O’Fallon Police Department, after serving with the Honolulu Police Department for 4 years, and previously attending McKendree College. He and his wife recently welcomed their first child, Ty. Ty was quickly diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), making him highly susceptible to infections and disease. SCID was commonly referred to as “bubble boy disease” and inspired the 1976 film “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble�...

Letter from the President re: Relationship Between WAFOP & NFOP
Brothers and Sisters: On behalf of the leadership of both the Washington Fraternal Order of Police (WAFOP) and the National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP), we wanted to take a moment to reaffirm the strong relationship and connection between our two organizations. Contrary to what you may have heard WAFOP is not severing ties with the national FOP. Any rumors suggesting that we are breaking away or severing ties is absurd and completely false.  The NFOP and the WAFOP are, in fact...

Spokane Police Officers and Support Staff Release Important Morale Study Report to Address Low Morale in the Department.
June 28, 2022 Holt Widhalm, president of the Spokane Fraternal Order of Police, offered the following statement today in response to a report detailing morale in the Spokane Police Department. “Today’s report is the culmination of a detailed, three-month effort to directly address the concerns of both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Spokane Police Department. I want to acknowledge Chief Meidl for his leadership and participation in this report. It is a concerning but i...

California Casualty – $10,000 Giveaway
California Casualty wants to give you a chance to slow down and get off the grid for a while. Disconnect from the hectic, fast-paced daily grind and reconnect with your friends, family, and nature. Get away with $10,000 for the gear you need to have the quality time you deserve. Enter today at

Evergreen Lodge #1 LEOSA Shoot
Our next qual shoot is Sunday 27MAR22 at 1300 at Poulsbo Sportsmens Club. $20 Members $60 non-members. Contact Us - Evergreen Lodge #1 Those with a current card and have qualified with us before can RSVP by making payment. New applicants and those expired more than a year must reapply at the link above. You can make payment at the link above or directly at

Ukrainian Police Fund Critical Supply Needs
Washington State Fraternal Order of Police and Benton County Sheriff’s Office have partnered together, along with an independent contractor with the Department of Justice, to provide Ukrainian law enforcement with critical medical supplies. As a community, we all feel compelled to respond and we are providing our community with a way they can help support the Ukrainian people. Helping Ukraine police officers, the brave men and women officers holding the line in their communities, is what we w...

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